Flat Cable - UL 2468
 Flat Cable - UL 2468


  • Rating : 80°C, 300 Volts.
  • Conductor : 2-150, Nos. 32-16 AWG. Tinned or bare, solid or stranded copper, conductors laid parallel and in one plane. Same or Mixed AWG.
  • Insulation : Each conductor has a nominal 1/64 in. wall or heavier thermoplastic (PVC). This forms a flat cable with a single row of conductors having a 1/2 in. maximum width web between insulated conductors. The nominal and minimum insulation thickness along the ripped edges for each conductor shall be 15 and 13 mils, respectively.
  • Shield : Optional.
  • Covering : (Optional) PVC. 5 mils min. at any point 80 mils max.
  • Standard : Appliance Wiring Material UL 758.
  • Use : Internal wiring of Appliances; or internal wiring of Appliances where exposed to oil at a tempera­ture not exceeding 60°C or 80°C, whichever is applicable.
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