HDMI - UL 20276
 HDMI - UL 20276


  • Rating : 60°C or 80°C, 30 V.
  • Insulated : No. 40 AWG minimum. Labeled or complying with AWM
  • Conductors : Procedure having a minimum rating of 60°C or 80°C whichever is applicable.
  • Assembly : Consists of two or more conductors, twisted pairs, parallel pairs, or groups of twisted conductors or
  • parallel pairs twisted together. The conductors or groups of conductors may be laid parallel forming a flat, oval or
  • round cable. The lay of the insulated conductors are not specified. A barrier layer and/or fillers are optional.
  • Manufacturer shall maintain a complete description of each assembly. May use same or mixed AWG size.
  • Covering : (Optional.) A 6 mil or heavier PVC covering may be extruded over the conductor assembly.
  • Shield : Optional.
  • Jacket : PVC, Class 43.
  • Standard : Appliance Wiring Material UL 758.
  • Use : Construction A - Internal wiring or external interconnection of electronic equipment in Class 2 circuits only.
  • Construction B - Internal wiring of electronic equipment in Class 2 circuits only.
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